i love you too

should i even be writing this entry? i brought my journal and pen into bed, but the lack of adequate lighting would drive me insane. would it be better to just lie down with my eyes closed and ride the waves of memories, hoping i'll remember them by morning? or should i made a scrambled attempt to (again) immortalize experiences that barely seem real?

david. I guess i'll start there. he cried again on the phone today while i was on my lunchbreak. he said thank you for loving me. i had a big bite of BLAT in my mouth when he said he wishes his rock bottom hadn't occurred while he was falling in love with me. the crying happened as we were getting ready to say goodbye and when we did he said it again. i love you.

how can feelings be so unwavering for a person you haven't had contact with in six months. what kind of molecules are exchanging when we are close to each other. i don't even feel sexual towards him, but a magnetic pull to just be near and to hug him again and press my neck against his.

i'm so glad that jj found me on facebook. i looked and looked yesterday! little camp family <3

more to come

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